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All hearts Yoga,


Jackie Garbarino

💕Jackie is a former middle school teacher, who after moving south in 1988 and finding work outside the school system, realized teaching and coaching were very much a part of her DNA. She worked as a trainer/sales rep for a mentoring company designed to help at-risk youth succeed in the classroom. When that company folded, she worked for an international construction company for 12 yrs in project controls group. She jumped off the proverbial hamster wheel of corporate America to take the road less-traveled where she could dedicate herself to finding a way to make a difference in the world. Her prayer is "Lord, give me enough light to see the next step and then the courage to take it". 

💕She is married to an awesome man who shares her love of God, nature, and life's adventures. They have an 9 year old white-pawed furry "child", named Grady. He loves swimming, walks, treats, and his girlfriend Daisy. :-)


💕 Jackie is a 200Hr certified yoga teacher with an additional +60 training hours in children's yoga. Her yoga journey began in 2002, after taking a life-changing Kripalu class in the Bay Area  She taught kids yoga part time at a studio in 2010, and volunteered with a Rescue Mission teaching yoga to kids of domestic violence. Six years later, following a spiritual encounter, she founded All Hearts Yoga® for Kids/Teens. In 2021, the company was expanded to include adults and the tagline "Centered in Christ" was added to reflect who we are. 

💕Jackie's classes aim to be fun, balanced, & educational. She hopes all who join her classes feel empowered, valued, and leave class with an inner brightness and greater sense of peace and well being. 

💕Jackie is truly grateful for all of life's experiences, and blessings along the way.

For her husband's love, support & humor; and for God's unfailing presence and guidance in orchestrating this new chapter in her life.

“The heart of man is very much like the sea; it has its storms, it has its tides, and in its depths it has its pearls too”.         

- Vincent Van Gogh

Why Yoga?

OUR Mission

The mission at AllHeartsYoga® is to

inspire the hearts of kids & teens to grow towards their potential because our world desperately needs their light.

We value their contribution, encourage, uplift, and support them on their journey to adulthood. 

  Classes provide experiences for awareness, self-discovery, and tools to manage life's ups and downs.  

We strive to provide a non-competitive, accepting space for yoga and mindfulness practice, where kids can get in touch with who they are, mind, body, heart and soul 💕

Our Mission

Our Vision

To inspire hearts everywhere, to grow, to discover, and to love.

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